ResNovae LP is a reliable and successful investment consulting company for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises so as to achieve financial aid/ subside from European and NSRF sources.

Our Company Executives in collaboration with our customers proceed to the following mile- stones:

  • Business Plan Development and techno-economic studies, feasibility studies.
  • Submission of the Business Plan to the relevant Public or European Services.
  • Support of the Entrepreneur during the Investment Implementation. Support and fulfilment of all the procedures to achieve the subside payment.

ResNovae LP Consultants proceed to a preevaluation of the business plan and to a score evaluation of the B.P. according to the point system of each Call.

ResNovae LP Consultants have succeeded 80% business plans aprovement at Eu- ropean Co-Financing Calls and sub- sides over 25 million euros have been earned for our customers. Our executives have participated at Euro- pean Research Programmes (FP7, Hori- zon 2020). Also, we have developed collabo- ration with Greek and UK Universities. ResNovae LP services are certified with ISO 9001 by TUV Nord Hellas.